Field Desticker

Removing sticks, leaves and other debris from the windrow prior to harvesting improves the overall cleaning performance and speed of your harvester while reducing wear and tear. The Wizard FIELD DESTICKER uses a tined pickup chain to comb through the windrow and convey these unwanted debris into a high capacity hopper. The hopper has an unloading belt with a forward/reverse function allowing you to unload to either side of the machine. This heavy duty machine is designed to be easy to repair, maintain and service. Robust drive components provide years of trouble free service.

Increases the speed and capacity of the harvester by removing sticks and other debris while evening out while cleaning and shaping the windrow.

Hydraulic controls allow all functions to be performed right from the seat the tractor. Requires a tractor with hydraulic remotes (minimum 10 GPM @ 1800 PSI) and a class II 3 point hitch. It can be towed on-road behind a pickup.

Trash Shredder

The Wizard flail trash shredder is used to reduce the size of the greenline trash and as a result reduce the amount of trucks or bins needed to remove the trash from the huller. The Wizard flail shredder is built to avoid clogging or blockage. It is built out of high-quality steel that can withstand the harsh trash from the greenline.

Drying & IPO Fans

Wizard has started building our own fans. We designed a robust system that is also easy to breakdown and store for over sees shipments. The Wizard drying fan comes in different sizes to meet the needs of the customer depending on the amount of bins being used. The Wizard IPO fan is used on our aspiration systems as well as Wizards airknife. It is used to provide a very precise suction and output of air to separate the trash from the product as well as help provide air to remove excess surface moisture from the product before drying.

In Shell Sizing Line

Wizard is now making In Shell Sizing Lines with bagging and automatic palletizing equipment. The line is customizable to meet every customers needs.