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DR Series Huller

Most of today's commercial hullers need to produce a high volume of hulled product per hour. To meet this demand, Wizard offers the DR series Rotary Hullers. With a high speed rotary brush, and three linear feet of knife surface the DR Series Rotary Hullers can maintain high production volumes throughout the harvest season.

Available in 4 widths to meet your production needs:

R12 Walnut/Pecan Huller

Originally designed and manufactured in 1939, the Wizard R12 huller has stood the test of time. Although it maintains the same basic configuration as the original, constant refinements and imporvements have made the R12 Huller a standard in the industry.

The Huller has a built in washer cage and the entire unit is powered utilizing a single motor. The R12 features hardened steel hulling knives, an easy 1-hand adjustment system, and the Huller is available in two different styles of wire.